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Publishers of material relating to the Scottish Covenanters

Mission Statement


Blue Banner Productions was set up in Edinburgh in 1981 to publish material relating to the Scottish Covenanters. This was in a time when little new was available on the subject, but now more and more is being produced on this much neglected area of church history.

Innumerable volumes cover the 17th century English and American Puritans, and rightly so, but the godly men and women of Scotland have unfortunately been overlooked. It is our aim to produce biographies, volumes on church history and quality reprints of scarce and difficult to find Covenanter treatises, Bible Commentaries, Sermons etc. with a hope to promulgate 17th Century Scottish Theology and Church History.

We will happily consider publishing works by modern authors if they have written on the Scottish Covenanters or 17th Century Scottish Theology. Please contact us below or by telephone on (+44) 01236 827978 to discuss further.

For new, second hand and antiquarian volumes relating to the Scottish Covenanters and other aspects of Church history and theology, please visit

Blue Banner Productions

Livingstone House

16 Edward Street


Scotland, U. K.

G65 9DL

(+44) 01236 827 978

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